EUROFLY 1.7 – What’s new

Copyright Štefan Kiss 2016


1.7 (November 20, 2016)


- Migration to the bass sound library delivers greater stability and flexibility of the program during audio playback.

- Change the version numbering - the first number (major) will be increased only At the Fall of major changes or significant news, the second number (minor) will be increased gradually and in smaller news improvements.The third issue (release) will be incremented only In case fix packs (fix).



1.0.6 (12. október 2016)


- 32 and 64-bit compilation is available separately for each version of Windows

- Unicode Support in all files, maps and tasks.

- Added support for braille

- Added information about important points on the map.Large cities or attractive places may be indicated by sound, if they are included in list of important points.This can be displayed by pressing F10 (Ctrl plus a Shift As with lists seas, countries and capitals airport).A standard range of the audio signal is set to 35 km,but can be also changed in configuration INI file on line Pointsrange.Indicate significant points on the map can be completely shut down the Alt + B.That same key to activate the function again.To add a new item to the list it is necessary to contact the author.

- Added option to display the Web page with Search results for the current location on the map.This feature is activated by pressing Alt + number of Level required information.

- Adjusted calculation formula for fuel consumption.

- Added an itemcurrent range“ to the properties aircraft (Ctrl + Enter).

- Fixed bug with did not provide correct display of weather.

- Adjusted rate turbulence.

- Added new airports in Poland and India.



1.0.5 (September 4, 2016)


- If you pause the programme, all the sounds will turn off. If you start the programme again, the sounds will turn on.

- You can set up the volume of weather sounds on the line Weathervolume the configuration ini file contains. The accepted values are 0 for the minimum volume and 255 for the maximum volume.

- You can save the position automatically within each landing in the tasks. After you have not finished the task or after you have finished the programme and you will select module of tasks again, the unfinished task will be offered to you and the last reached airport will be set up automatically. The aeroplane will be in the starting status and no status after landing will be saved.

- You can reset the task. You can do so after you have reached a stopover, this stopover is saved and you need to do the task again from the start. The task will be reset if you leave the module not with F4 but with Ctrl+F4.

- While doing your task, you can demand a flight over the concrete location in the country (while setting the task, you can determine the location you want to fly over and then the flight over this location is required)

- A progressive log about fulfilment of a task will appear automatically after each landing. It will appear in the folder with user data and it will be called Taskprogress.txt. It will contain information about used aeroplanes, executed stopovers, countries and locations the aeroplanes have flown over.

- If the task has not been fulfilled, the Tasklog will open automatically.

- The list of countries that have been flown over will be added into the logbook (Ctrl+D). This list will not be saved in the history of the aeroplane and after the module has been finished, the list will be deleted.

- You can set up a separator related to reports on neighbouring countries. You can do so within free choice in the ini configuration file on the line Separator.

- While flying over sea, you can browse through neighbouring continents. If the key U I or P reports sea in the surrounding, the key Shift+U I or P will report the nearest land.

- If the reverse gear is activated, this will be indicated by sound.

- Consumption of fuel at the airport and regulated consumption of fuel related to flight level.

- A brief view of a task (shift+A) and a brief view of fulfilment of the task (ctrl+shift+A)

- You can take Eurofly on usb flash disk and  set up the route to profiles into your own folderyou just need to open the file Eurofly.ini and leave the line path empty.

- A regulated system of designation of stewardesses and dispatcherseach stewardess and dispatcher can be saved in a folder and it will be up to you how you will call the folder (for example the real name of the stewardess). The name you have selected will appear under shift+1 and shift+2.

- You can read information on the last logged-in country (8) and the last logged-in airport (9).

- Corrected inaccuracies related to browsing through the map with keys J and P.

- Corrected tasks Florida-Barbados and California-Tokio.

- Corrected error where no list of all the accessible airports appeared after an aeroplane had been changed.

- Corrected error where some airports were indicated as outside the flight and that was incorrect.



1.0.4 (August 1, 2016)


- You can stop the flight with alt+F1.

- You can hear the fizzing of an untuned transmitter each time after you have entered an incorrect frequency. This sound will stop after you enter a right frequency.

- The classification of wind according to Beaurfort scale will allow you to get reports on wind strength not only by numeral classification, but also by verbal classification.

- Description of what colours the clouds are.

- The stewardess will furthermore report on situations like flight over sea, entrance into turbulence zones or rain zones, or entrance over a new continent.

- You can create new stewardesses.

- You have a time limit for permission to take off. The permission will last 3 minutes and, after it has expired, you have to demand a new permission.

- Corrected error where the programme came back to main menu with the reason "interrupted by pilot".

- A fall of an aeroplane will be tuned up. You can turn on the engines again. You can come across the situation that while piloting the aeroplane, there is no fuel in it.



1.0.3 (July 12, 2016)


- You can set up a folder for user data - the key F11 from the main menu.

- You can use support for other codes.

- Corrected errors related to spontaneous fall of aeroplane, interruption of the programme, incorrect play of sounds or absence of flight level after the tower has instructed you to  descend.

- Corrected task Praha – Kyjev.



1.0.2 (July 5, 2016)


- You can use shut door effect. After you shut the door, you can hear no surrounding noise.

- You can increase/decrease volume of surrounding noise.

- Corrected task Karlove Vary and Salzburg.